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Welcome to Fitness and Sport Academy

click to enlarge At Fitness and Sport Academy you can choose from Private, Group and E-Training. I also offer the newest fitness trend that's sweeping North America, Urban Poling. For anyone interested in Iindividual or Team Training check out Sport Conditioning.

These programs encompass weight loss, muscle toning, sport conditioning (through plyometerics with resistance) and more. Fitness and Sport Academy is a fully insured company that serves each Client as an individual. FSA is a place where teaching is extremely important. So much of your Training is actual education that you can use for years.

When you enrol you get an in-depth Cardiovascular and Resistance program specially designed for you. Clients also receive a nutritional evaluation and ongoing monitoring throughout their training. As well you will have a comprehensive fitness evaluation before your training begins.

My philosophy to achieving optimal health and staying fit is to start at the middle and work outwards. Your heart, lungs and core are the big three. When you follow my program your heart will become stronger, thusly reducing its workload. With healthier lungs your VO2 max will increase. When your VO2 max increases so will your ability to work longer and harder. A core that is strong not only looks good but it also alleviates lower back stress, corrects vertical alignment and makes all functions of everyday life easier.

Warning: CVD & Diabetes

When you couple unhealthy eating with a lack of exercise you significantly increase your risk of Cardiovascular Disease or developing Diabetes. CVD is the number one killer of Canadians. Cardio pertains to your heart and vascular is your veins and arteries. A weak or strained heart can lead to a fatal Heart Attack. While clogged veins or arteries are a prelude to a Heart Attack or Stroke.

People who are overweight have a greater risk of developing type 2 Diabetes. Diabetes doesnít discriminate; it will attack anyone at any age. CVD and Diabetes are silent killers because warning signs are easily ignored until itís to late.

Benefits of Healthy Eating & Regular Exercise

  • Reduced risk of CVD
  • Increased muscle strength
  • Improves self esteem
  • Improved balance coordination and agility
  • Reduces depression and anxiety
  • Improved core and back strength
  • Decreased resting heart rate


Do you have something special coming up, lose 10 pounds in 4 weeks

It is scientifically proven that you can achieve your fitness goals three times faster with the help of a qualified Personal Trainer.

Contact Information

For more information about Group Training, Teen Training or any of my programs call:

Todd at: [905] 441 3907 or Email:

Todd Flint

Certified Personal Trainer Specialist
Certified Level 2 Resist-A-Ball C.O.R.E Instructor
Certified Urban Poling (Nordic Hiking) Instructor
Certified CPR-A
Member CanFitPro